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IT Products - BEFET Bulk Email Facility with Email Tracking

ITCS is a IT Managed Services supplier for BEFET - Bulk Email Facility with Email Tracking

ITCS has launched an Internet tool for Email Marketing, BEFET - Bulk Email Facility with Email Tracking:

BEFET is an email blasting application that has been designed for the SME market, Clubs and other Organisations that are looking to send out email to their customer lists or memberships. To ensure that this is for professional use the design locks into your domains SMTP server. It needs to be authorised with an email account. The features for the BEFET are:

  • List management, it will only send one copy to each email address, multiple email addresses are blocked.

  • List management, save your lists for separate category messages or combine them for other messages. Manage your lists with excel.

  • Automatic Unsubscribe Mechanism, By using an unsubscribe mailbox it will ensure that Unsubscribes list is updated and prevents sending to those email addressses in future.

  • Send text or a HTML document as your email, lets you send a quick update with a short text message or a full colour and branded HTML page that can be imported.

  • Attachments, the BEFET application allows the sending of up to two attachements.

  • No Monthly Subscription, after purchase there are no restrictions on the number of "Send Outs" or the number of recipients on your lists.

  • No surrendering your contact list to a faceless company in cyberspace.

  • Personalised emails with "Dear {first name}"

  • BEFET Email Tracking data. See who opened your mail - at your option a "Send Out" can be linked to out BEFET Cloud Server to provide info on who opened your mail - data available for 3 months

  • Adjustable send out rate, each address is sent as a separate email - therefore no 25 address BCC limit issues with your ISP. Further send out emails at set intervals from 1 to 10 seconds, a zero setting sends emails out as fast as the internet will allow

  • Supported operating systems. Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

  • Supported Microsoft Excel, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

  • BEFET Support. On purchase you receive; a BEFET License, assistance to make operation on a PC or Laptop, one hour training session and one year of support by email, Skype or telephone.

  • One license to your domain name allows you to use multiple copies - use one on a PC in the office and one on your laptop on the road.

  • Reports on the send out - set the system to send you an email for 100, 1005, 2300, etc blocks of emails that have been sent.

  • Send email in the background - so you can continue to use your system for other tasks.

The BEFET package is:

  • A BEFET License for life to your domain.

  • Installation assistance by ITCS to demonstrate operation.

  • One hour training on site in Singapore or over Skype/Phone, if outside Singapore

  • One year assistance by email, Skype or Phone

  • Updates for one year from date of purchase

  • Operation Manual - soft copy PDF

        The price for the Singapore BEFET launch is S$ 998.00 for an introductory period only.

Customers will need to provide the following:

  • Registered Domain Name - if you are using a business name you will have a registered domain name - we can assist you to verify.

  • Access to your SMTP server - this is standard with who ever provides your email services - we can assist your to verify.

  • Unsubscribe email address - this requires one more email account on your email system ( UN & PW required).

  • A list of contacts you wish to send to in an Excel spread sheet - the file should contain 3 columns (Column A = First Name \ Column B = Last Name \ Column C = E- Mail Address) Column A and B are optional and can be left blank.

  • A PC or Laptop with Windows 7, Vista or XP. The PC or Laptops should be patched to date and have a activated Virus scanner installed.

  • Your PC or Laptop connection to the internet.


Payment of 50% ( S$ 499.00 ) on placement of order.

Payment of 50% ( S$ 499.00 ) on installation.

Call us for a quotation today and start your professional email marketing campaigns. mail: and Phone: +65 6650 8750.

Note: Further training session and assistance with building HTML pages can arranged with ITCS, call us today for a quotation.

To discuss your BEFET Email "Send Out" requirements, please Email ITCS today - Thank you.

ITCS Industry Facts

Listen to how the man who created the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee put it..

"The web is more a social creation than a technical one. I designed it for a social effect — to help people work together — and not as a technical toy.

The ultimate goal of the Web is to support and improve our weblike existence in the world.

We clump into families, associations, and companies. We develop trust across the miles and distrust around the corner."

—Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving The Web

Isn't that quite an amazing statement, especially as the big winners on the web; Yahoo, Google, Facebook, you tube, Twitter etc. have ended up as big winners and they are all predominantly social?

Twitter in the USA; According to Neil Patel, 40% of Twitter users are based in the Eastern Standard time of the US.

Another interesting fact is that 6 % of re-tweets happen during the 5PM period also in the EST Zone.

And if you want to get more specific, did you know that tweets that occur on Wednesday get the most visibility? Neil Patel also reported that out of 30 million tweets analyzed, some the most popular keywords are: you, twitter, please, retweet, post, social, free ( always big one on the web) media, help, please retweet and great. I am sure that most would not want make these key words.

The words that were used least on twitter; game, going, haha, lol, but, watching, work, home, night, bed, well, sleep, gonna and hey.

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